Based on the model of Professor Sugata Mitra’s School in the Cloud, Cloud Learning Center will offer an alterative system of minimally invasive learning to be implemented during the transitional phase of rebuilding in Nepal.

Each learning center will be comprised of 4-5 HuSH Shelters (by Extremis Technology) joined in a public educational center and will be equipped with built-in computers that will provide an array of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects from science and math to liberal arts.

Engineering and architectural support will be provided by Ananata Ram Bhaidya and a team of engineers from San Diego, CA that will be in Nepal in June to assess the infrastructure in the region.

Supervision and interaction between both local and global retired volunteer teachers and students will endow the program with the benefits of e-learning and positive feedback.

Professor Mitra’s hypothesis "if given appropriate access and connectivity, groups of children can learn to operate and use computers with none or minimal intervention from adults" serves such post-disaster states such as Nepal where teachers are already scarce. 

"High teacher absenteeism is widely seen as endemic in rural schools, and corporal punishment is routinely administered. With so much work to be done in reconstructing villages and rebuilding damaged schools, children’s advocates fear many children will never return to school.Harris, Gardiner. "Nepal School System Left Shattered in Aftermath of Quake." The New York Times. The New York Times, 14 May 2015. Web.

The School in The Cloud model has proven successful in shifting the way of learning from rote memory, drill, practice and standardized testing, to collaborative learning through the methods of observation, modeling, trial and error and self-discovery.

Furthermore, Cloud Learning Center will provide a safe environment for children, which is especially relevant in a post-disaster situation. 



Nuwakot, Nepal
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