Thanks to our partners and donors for the gift of education. 

William West
Caleb Mose
Timothy Rodrigues
Maiya Marshall
Angella Tai
Galina Pecherska
Janet Sturgeon
Francine Palmyra
Charles Chiara
Molly Sturdevant
Peter Mackie
Stuart Walker

Jonathan Elliot


Lucy Dougall
Rishi Kapadia

Asia Jarzyna
Aki Saito
Ella, Chase and Noah Walker

Maureen Wilson
Loni Ritchi
Jasmine, Wei & Alexie Koh
Sidsel Storhaug
Amy Lau
Keiko Shingai
Ursula Burger
Tin Lee


Elaine Jungleib
Vitaly P.
Aska Yoshizu
Angela Lindvall
Jim Schmidt

David Larson
Maxine Bédat
Nichola Napoleon
Alfonso Campos
The Choys
Sushma Sada Shankar

Sheri Simmons
Alberto Signore


Claudia Brind-Woody
Anjali Arondekar

Tommy Chu
Melissa Takahashi

Nicklaus and Klaus Ebersbach
Lloyd Lampell
Bhawin Suchak
Raffaele Sonni
Annie Shaw
Aaron Lampell
Raffaele Sonni

Apaporn Khunsorn
Bill & Drenda West

Good luck with the campaign.
— Charlie and Rene
We are deeply saddened by the devastating impact of the earthquake. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help those affected.
— Jasmine, Wei & Alexie Koh
Glad I can help even in a small way. My prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy.
— Sherri